Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway: Drag Queen Challenge

I have to say that I was a little bored last night with this one - I hope the challenges get better! Anyone have any favorite designers yet??? I have a couple. Also, I remember reading that there was a romance this season on the show, one of the lovebirds must be Daniel because he was crying like a baby last night. Maybe the other is Keith???

I LOVED this one. Korto is one of my favorites so far.


KK said...

I read that Daniel and Wes (who was eliminated earlier) are still dating. Maybe that is the romance?

I am kind of bored by the season as a whole. It was fun seeing Chris again last night.

I have a few favorites so far. There are a handful that I like every week.

Melissa said...

KK is right. I read an article about it. I couldn't remember the guy's name but I think it was Wes, the one that was kicked off on week 2.

Kate said...

I would definitely choose that first outfit-pink with anchors!