Friday, November 14, 2008

30% Off Gap Inc.'s Friends and Family = Awesomeness

I love when the Gap has this offer! They had it in the summer and I bought a ton of stuff. This time was no different. Above are a few of my purchases.


NINA said...

Hi! I wanted to send you the link to the bed jacket. It's still $39+change on Amazon. Here is the link
I didn't want you to pay $75 ;-)
I love these sweaters too btw!

Corinne said...

Speaking of 30% off, I got an e-mail advertising *an additional 30% off* Kate Spade's private sale. Today only!

I figured if they were giving additional markdowns, I'd take them up on it. :-) So I bought myself a new small wallet.

a. said...

I saw that too!