Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coterie Holiday Edition: Thanksgiving Meal Cheat Sheet

Consider this a Public Service Announcement:

Most years we're just thankful if our pants pass the button-pop test.

That's why we've got this answer key to help you ace tomorrow's multiple choices:

1) The worst way to start the meal is with:
A: Salad piled on your plate
B: Glass of water
C: A quick survey of the table's options
D: An empty stomach

2) When eating turkey, you should:
A: Choose gravy... isn't cranberry sauce too sugary?
B: Be able to fit your serving in the palm of your hand
C: Only choose light meat
D: Keep the skin on

3) When it comes to sides...
A: Creamy and cheesy dishes don't count on the holidays
B: Starches should be bigger than a computer mouse
C: Stuffing is bad as a verb and a noun (still love it and am going to eat it - it's only once a year!)
D: Sweet potatoes need more toppings than cinnamon or honey

4) Pumpkin pie:
A: Is a vegetable dish
B: Usually has less than 300 calories and 14g of fat
C: Is required in order to celebrate Thanksgiving
D: Is more acceptable with the crust removed

{via Vital Juice Daily}


Michelle said...

Wow I got most of them right but DO NOT do any of them! :) If there's one day I'm going to break all the food rules, it will be Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Michelle, Mocha and Quincy

mamacita said...

Whoever took this test gets an F minus. I figure that if I avoid using gravy as a beverage, that's good enough.