Monday, December 8, 2008

Keep Calm and Carry On Spoof Calendar

I love this calendar - anything that makes me laugh, I definitely put in the "need" column. All you need to do is purchase the PDF file for $5.00, download & print!

Here's the monthly rundown:

January: Make Resolution and Break Immediately
February: Bat Lashes and Pound Chocolate
March: Wear Sandals and Pretend Its Warm
April: Jump Puddles and Curse Frizzy Hair
May: Bend Down and Sniff Flowers
June: Wear Bikini and Avoid Mirrors
July: Drink Martinis and Seduce the Gardener
August: Look Dewy and Avoid Stinking
September: Wear Boots and Pretend It's Cold
October: Eat Candy and Regret Decision
November: Scarf Stuffing and Loosen Pants
December: Say Thanks and Exchange for Jewelry


suburban prep said...

Too funny.

lisagh said...

Since the Prep by Month calendar isn't coming out this year, I bought this one just last week. It's hilarious!

Legallyblondemel said...

Great find! However, I may have to move the months around a tad to suit Texas, as I am currently wearing boots and pretending it's cold in December.

Ana said...

I'm ordering this immediately!

a. said...

I ordered mine this afternoon!

News Readin' Wife said...

Love,love,love! Great find. Thanks for sharing.

Get yourself a subscription to Garden & Gun for Christmas. It is an excellent pub. I promise it's worth every penny...