Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brigid Berlin: A Retrospective

Date: Feb 7, 2009 daily until May 3, 2009

Where: The Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh, PA

This small retrospective of Warhol’s closest friend and confidant Brigid Berlin and the work she created from the 1960s to the present includes Berlin’s early Polaroids, tit paintings, trip books, black books, tape recordings, audio recordings and recent needlepoints that depict sensationalist covers of the New York Post. Berlin, the daughter of Richard Berlin, who was the director of the Hearst empire for 52 years, was raised in New York’s elite social circles. Berlin and Warhol met in 1964 and she quickly became a Factory regular and part of Warhol’s inner circle as well as a close personal friend. Berlin appeared in many Warhol films, including Chelsea Girls (1966), Imitation of Christ (1967), and The Nude Restaurant (1967), as well as numerous Factory Diaries episodes.

Also included in the exhibition are various Warhol photographs and ephemera from the Museum’s collection and archives relating to this rebellious New York heiress.

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