Monday, December 7, 2009

Calendars Revisted

I swear, no one but me gets so excited about ordering and receiving their yearly calendars. I'm glad I didn't have to look too hard this year. I usually buy too many and then never use them but this year I was good and only bought three: one for my desk at work (I usually have 2 or three going there for some reason), one planner and one wall calendar for home or office. I always order a Kate Spade spiral planner. I think I have one from almost every year they've been making them. This year they introduced a wall calendar so I purchased both the spiral planner and the wall size as I mentioned in a previous post. So that left me with needing a desk calendar which like I said I usually have 2+. I was originally going to order the Lilly P. one but decided it was too large for my cube, plus we have no where to tack anything up in our fishbowl cube and I wasn't crazy about the graphics on the desktop version.
I really LOVED the Jenny B. Designs Prep By Month calendar (seen in the top images) but she seems to have gone out of business or isn't making them anymore which is a real shame because the graphics were adorable. Anyone know what happened to her???
Anyway, the good news is I found the next best thing. The In Good Company 2010 Desk Calendar. The graphics are just as cute and it's a desktop. Perfect! I purchased mine at Preppy Princess and she may still have some left if you hurry! Plus you will get your gift(s) colorfully wrapped by the preppiest of elves :)

I also purchased some essential items plus a gift for my mother from Boatman Geller that I can't post for obvious reasons but will be sure to take pictures to post at a later date. It's very cute.

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I love all things preppy! xoxo