Sunday, March 30, 2008

Madame Grès: Sphinx of Fashion

There are so many great fashion exhibits out there - it's great, I just wish I could get to them all!

February 2 to April 19, 2008

Madame Grès: Sphinx of Fashion presents the work of the great Parisian couturiere, Madame Alix Grès. She created gowns of exquisite beauty and dressed many of the most stylish women of the twentieth century. One of the most brilliant dressmakers of the twentieth century, her work is noted for its sculptural quality and innovative construction techniques.

This exhibition, with over seventy garments from both museum and private collections, will present the three most important stylistic elements of Madame Grès’s work: her classically-inspired pleated gowns usually made of matte silk jersey; her simple and geometric designs based on ethnic costume; and the three-dimensional, sculptural quality that was a hallmark of much of her work.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a beautifully designed book, Madame Grès: Sphinx of Fashion, published by the prestigious Yale University Press. The text of 25,000 words with will be illustrated with over 100 photographs of garments from museum and private collection as well as images from leading magazines.

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