Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Her Most Awesomest has tagged me.

10 years ago: Now how am I supposed to remember 10 years ago??? Geeez. I know I was living in NYC and working in book publishing. Think SATC but without the Manolos. I think I had also just broken up with my boyfriend who I lived with on the Upper East Side in a fabulous rent controlled apartment – I thought we would get married but instead I moved further uptown.

8 years ago: Still living in NYC working in book publishing (see above).

6 years ago: I had been laid off after 9/11 and was still living and working in NYC. More book publishing but this time for a printer based in Milan. Yes, I have been there but not for work.

2 years ago: Hmmmm…I had moved back to my home state, finished grad school and was looking for a job.

Five yummy things:
1. Pizza
2. Champagne
3. Chip and Dip
4. Coffee
5. Cookies

Five songs I know by heart (oh there are so many!):
1. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers
2. Hot n Cold – Katy Perry
3. She’s Crafty – The Beastie Boys
4. It Takes Two – Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
5. Almost any song by Donna Summer (embarrassing but true)

Five places I would like to escape to:
1. Anywhere in Italy
2. Anguilla
3. Paris
4. Palm Beach
5. Any Caribbean island

Five things I would never wear:
1. Acid wash denim
2. Jorts
3. 80s neon anything
4. Blue mascara
5. A fanny pack

Five favorite TV shows:
1. Gossip Girl
2. 30 Rock
3. The Office
4. Mad Men
5. Project Runway and Top Chef (it’s a tie!)

Five things I enjoy doing:
1. Let’s see….I’ll have to go with SHOPPING for starters.
2. Drinking coffee
3. Reading (something other than work-related crap)
4. Sitting on the beach
5. Playing Wii Tennis and cursing at the television

Five Favorite toys:
1. My iPhone
2. Nintendo Wii
3. TomTom GPS
4. iPod Shuffle
5. Do blogs count? I seem to spend a lot of time on them so I think they do.

I am going to tag anyone who reads my blog, has a blog, and wants to do this!


Legallyblondemel said...

Not that your excessively good taste was ever in question, but your love of champagne, Italy, and the Beastie Boys is merely further proof of your excellent choices.

kirbydog said...

I share your love for AXA. We loved it sooooooooo much, after 12 yrs vacationing there, we bought us a little place there!