Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ballet Flats from Switchflops

I never got around to ordering a pair of Switchflops this summer. I didn't see them in a store in order to try them on for size and since flip flops sometimes have crazy sizing I didn't want to buy them online. I finally was able to try on a pair at a store in Red Bank but they didn't have the black in my size. I was able to try on another color but it was already late September so I will wait until next year. The TB ballet flats are getting pricey and I really don't "need" anymore shoes but I saw the new ballet flats and ordered a pair...just for investigative purposes. Yeah, right! I do love the idea that you can switch out the hardware on the top. I ordered a black standard pair with the flower that comes with it as shown on the silver above. Will report back once I receive them.


Anonymous said...

I had seen the flip flop version but not these! I look forward to your review.

Michelle said...

Ooh, those are cute! Definitely report back once you have them in hand. Love that flower.

SLC said...

I tried on the SwitchFlops this summer, but unfortunately, they were too wide on me (as with most shoes). Those ballet flats are adorable.